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Concept programms

> Chopin. Transcription of our time - audio

(24 authors from Ukraine, Poland, Belorus and Russia)

24 young composers’ free fantasies
for fl, ob, vn, vc pn

based on the Chopin’s 24 preludies. Op. 28

ZvukoIsolatsia - video

(Bohdan Sehin, Alexey Shmurak, Maksym Kolomiiets)

audi-visual site specific project

> The little tragedies

(several composers from Ukraine)

performances for non-musical sound objects

Example: Zoltan Almashi's van-gog

Audio-visual project

(several composers from Ukraine and abroad)

works for video and synchronised live-audio by ENT

Example: Alexey Shmurak's Doll's disease
for voice, violin, keyboard and video


Western-european music

Aperghis, Georghis

In Extremis for 8 perf

Rasch for vn, vl

Bauckholt, Carola

Luftwurzeln for fl, cl, vl, vc

Bartok, Bela

Contrasts for vn, cl, pn

Berg, Alban

4 pieces for cl, pn (op. 5)

Ferneyhough, Brian

Coloratuta for ob, pn

In Nomine a 3 for fl, ob, cl

Furrer, Beat

Lied for vn, pn

Jimenes Marisol (Mexica)

Bestiario Onírico I – MIGRACION for 7 perf

Kranebitter, Matthias

Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde II for ob, cr, pn

Kroll, Georg (Germany)

Tant plus ayme for fl, ob, cl

Messiaen, Olivier

Le merle noir for fl, pn

Mayrhofer, Gregor (Germany)

Schattenskitzen for 5 perf

Moser, Daniel

Urlicht for cr, cb, pn

Scelsi, Giacinto

Hyxos for alto fl, perc

Ko-Lho for fl, cl

Okanagon for harp, cb, perc

Pranam II for 9 instruments

Rucke di Guck for fl, ob

string trio

Sciarrino, Salvatore

Lo spazio inverso for 6 perf

Muro d'orizzonte for woodwind trio

Quintettuno №1 for 5 perf

Staebler, Gerhard (Germany)

A duo for cl, pn

Naechte der Lueft for fl, ob, cl, vn, vc, pc, pn

Webern, Anton

3 small pieces for vc, pn (op. 11)

4 pieces for vn, pn (op. 7)

string trio (op. 20)

Wolpe, Stefan

Suite im Hexahord for ob, cl

Zapf, Helmut

Canto del aria for oboe and tape

Rivolto for english horn, cello and double bass

L for trumpet

Tanzende Alte for cello

Zimmermann, Bernd Alois

Intercommunicazione for vc, pn

string trio

Eastern-european music

Allahverdi, Firudin (Azerbaijan)

Hara? for cl, vn, pn

Avanesov, Artur (Armenia)

Leise for cl, pn for fl, ob, cl

Chernyshkov, Alexander (Russia)

3i/o8 for fl, ob, crn

Dorokhov, Georgy (Russia)

Manifesto for foam plastic and bows

Repeat for ob, bass cl, vl, vc, pn

Under construction for vn, pn

Gorlinsky, Vladimir (Russia)

Beklang I for fl, ob, crn, trp, vn, vc

Khorkova, Marina (Russia)

Planes for 7 perf

Khubeev, Alexandr (Russia)

string quartett

Nadzharov, Alexey (Russia)

Hologram for fl, ob, vn, vc, pn

Ultraviolet for english horn, bass cl, vc, cb, pn

Nepelski, Karol (Poland)

Krótkie studium słuchu for fl, vc, pn

Metavariations for 5 perf

Newski, Sergej (Russia)

Allegro Hemmungloso for ob, vc, pn

Rift for bass cl, vn, pn

Nizamov, Elmir (Russia)

Mirages for 8 perf

Serenade of the organ-grinder for fl, cl, vn, vc

Sun, Moon, Truth for ob, vn, vl, pn

Papara, Michal Jacub (Poland)

Silver stars arabesque for 5 perf

Peszat, Piotr (Poland)

The Garden of Earthly Delights for 6 perf

Poleukhina, Marina (Russia)

Ts for 5 perf

Przybylski, Dariusz (Poland)

Berceuse for vn, pn

5 pieces as a concert for vn, vc, pn

Rannev, Vladimir (Russia)

Error. Try again for 6 perf

Romashkova, Anna (Russia)

Cadenza for fl, pn

Szwed, Katarzyna (Poland)

Alaya_vizhnyana for vn, vc, cb, pn

Xobność for fl, ob, vc

Strugalski, Vasili (Russia)

Minore for 6 perf

Cadenza for vn, crn

MOD for vn, vc, cb

Svetlichny, Anton (Russia)

The Whale (Total Loneliness) for vn, vc, cb

Sysoyev, Alexey (Russia)

Beta Taurids for fl, cl, vn, vc, pn

Sirenes for ob, cl, vn, vc, pn

Vlasov Daniil (Russia)

Reflection for fl, ob, vn, vc, pn

Yaskou, Konstantin (Belarus)

«Ludus mobilis» for ob, vn, vl, pn


Ukrainian music

Arkushyna, Anna

Images with dust for ob, tr, cr and gt

Puzzles for vn, vc, cb

Serenades from through windows for voice and
sound obj. - also video

Spraying for 5 perf

When transparency is only air for cr, vn, vc, pc

Bezborodko, Oleg

Minyonets & poemets of our time for ENT

Kobzar, Alisa

Jamais-vu for 5 perf

Kolomiiets, Maxim

Apeyron for piccolo fl, ob, bass cl, vl, vc

Charred ruins of scared rainbows for 10 perf

Emptiness for 11 perf

Empty pedestals for fl, cl, vc, pn

Ipuver's set phrase for ob, vc, pn

for sound objects - also video

Lichtfiguren for ob, vn, vl, pn

Tawm for ob, cl, vc, cb, pn

Wer hat dies Liedlein erdacht for ob, cr, cb

Kyyanytsia, Vitaly

3+1=2 for ob, cr, tr and gt

Destruction for 5 perf

Manulyak, Ostap

Branching for 5 perf

Maydenberg, Marina

Passenger for 5 perf

Oliynyk, Maria

For Victoria for fl, vn, pn

Piliutikov, Sergiy

Silent for ob, pn

Tirate for ob, vc

Sehin, Bohdan

Dedal for fl, cl, vn, vc - also video

Icarus for 9 perf - also video

Interaction forms for fl, ob, cr, vn, vc - also video

Irradiation for ob, vn, pn

Musikalisches Opfer for ob, cr, cb, pn

Something alike on hocket for 6 perf

Sidorenko, Lubava

A priori for fl, vn, pn

Cryptogramm for 6 perf

Sierova, Olena

The Last Leaf for 7 perf - also video

Trio-inventio for fl, ob, pn

You can feel for 5 perf

Shmurak, Alexey

A little more air for fl, ob, cl, vn, vl, vc

for fl, ob - also video

Control for fl, cl, vn, vc, pn

Golem for 9 perf

Farewell for ob, cb, pn

Fragility for 11 perf

In the chasm of ouzel for fl, vn, vc

Return for 10 perf

Road wait for 9 perf

Steps under the snow for fl, bass cl, vn, vl, cb

Two transcendental etudes for cl, pn

TV for keyboard, winds, strings and tape

Tunnel for ob, vn, vl, pn

Urban legends for voice and cello


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