Solo Nostri Temporis I, II - different links

18 Sept 2011 (I), 5 Oct 2011 (II) - Kiev

pieces for instruments solo / project coordinator: Alexey Shmurak



Alexey Shmurak - nobles et sentimentales for piano (perf. by author) | War for viola (perf. by Ilya Smetanin)

Vytaly Kyyanytsia - Lucifer's dream for piano (perf. by author)

Alexey Voytenko - The music of Erich Zann for double bass (perf. by Anton Zhukov)

Anton Svetlichny - Generation Cntrl+C for piano (perf. by Alexey Shmurak)

Mark Buloshnikov - Back and forth for flute (perf. by Igor Iermak)

Zoltan Almashi - Penguin's promenade for piano (perf. by Alexey Shmurak)

Lubava Sidorenko - Breath (version for cello by Zoltan Almashi, perf. by Olga Zhukova)

Anna Arkushina - 410-escape for oboe (perf. by Maksym Kolomiiets) audio | video

Alexandr Khubeev - Pulsar for clarinet (perf. by Dmytro Pashinsky) audio | video

Nikolay Khrust - Сleavages for clarinet (perf. by Oleksii Boiko) audio | video



Photoalbum from the project



by Lubov Morozova

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