Audio-Visual Project ZvukoIzolyatsia (literally Sound Insulation)

Donetsk 7-8 July 2011

Foundation "Izolatsia"

Ensemble Nostri Temporis

music: Bohdan Sehin, Alexey Shmurak, Maksym Kolomiiets

art: Myroslav Vayda

video: vj-group Restart

Concept: On 7th and 8th of July, 2011 at 20.00 the Foundation IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives has presented its first Audio-Visual Project in dialogue with IZOLYATSIA space. The Project has realized in the workshop № 2 of the former factory.

Music: Bogdan Sehin, Alexey Shmurak, Maksym Kolomiiets
Visual part: Miroslav Vajda
Performance: Ensemble Nostri Temporis
With participation: vj group «RESTART»


Concert's structure:

1. Introduction. Intervention (music: Bohdan Sehin)

2. Fragility (music: Alexey Shmurak)

3. The cold flame of the freedom (music: Maksym Kolomiiets)

Concept text:

Contemporary art prefers to see the site of its being anywhere, not just in museums and galleries, theatres or philharmonic. This time the place of aesthetic activity was a territory of enormous workshop № 2 of the former factory “Izolyatsia”, and the main subject was music experiments of contemporary composers that are embedded in the body of a single multimedia event.

This was a project that combines current trends in modern music, possibilities of modern visual techniques, a single conceptual drama and historical retrospective of the plant. The main idea was to revive the workshop, to remind its industrial past, its mechanical rhythm, and at the same time, to open it from unexpected side, to evoke from it a symphony of sounds, colours, visual objects, to transform its structure, turning into art- object.

Ukrainian composers Bogdan Sehin, Olexiy Shmurak and Maxim Kolomiets had set a task to create a symphony (from the Greek consonance), to embody the image of a single process of sounding of different objects of the plant, immovable (stairs, banisters, service lines) and mobile (tools, production details), and acoustic, electronic and other instruments which are unusual for the space of workshop and sometimes absolutely unmusical.

The visual part, which idea and implementation belong to Lviv artist Miroslav Vajda, consisted of three components. Objects, video and light created a united installation, like a kind of wicker, labyrinth, built into the space of an abandoned workshop. Viewers were invited for a walk through this labyrinth. Wandering through the narrow and high corridors, the viewer got the area of ​​psychological impact of images, hypnotic video, hoax light, mysterious play of shadows and sounds.

Audio-visual project ZvukoIzolyatsia has a chance to become a part of the history of the Ukrainian music and Ukrainian culture as one of the most daring and brilliant experiments in convergence of acoustic, electro-acoustic, video art, crafts and other areas of contemporary art which now are separated from one another by their professional barriers.

The project will effect positively the development of Donetsk and Donbass region as a demonstration of the potential of contemporary art that appeals to the traditions, features and needs of the local environment and local community.

Ensemble's cast in this project:

Sergiy Vilka, Maksym Kolomiiets, Oleksiy Boiko, Mark Kreshtshenski, Sergiy Loginov, Igor Boichuk, Svitlana Evdokimova, Vitali Kyyanytsia, Dmytro Kolomiiets, Dmytro Radzetski, Alexey Shmurak, Bohdan Sehin


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