aXes. The New Music Triduum

aXes. The New Music Triduum. Krakow, 26-28 May 2011

The aXes project is an international project, the main goal of which is to integrate artistic circles and facilitate the exchange of creative thoughts between various musical centres of Eastern, Central and Western Europe. The entity responsible for organising aXes is the Academy of Music in Krakow, which has invited to participate in this event academic institutions from Budapest (Liszt Academy of Music), Bratislava (Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava), and Stuttgart (University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart), as well as a contemporary music ensemble from Kiev (Ensemble Nostri Temporis).

As part of the project:
- composition and performance workshops for students will be held, run by both teachers from partner schools (who will provide lectures, presentations of musical works and individual consultations) and the Ensemble Nostri Temporis (which will present new performing techniques and run rehearsals for concerts) and, as the result of the workshops
- concerts will be held, open to a wider public, during which one will hear compositions written especially for this occasion

The name of the workshops – aXes, points to a meeting of composers and performers – the intersection of different traditions, cultural influences and artistic trends. Therefore, apart from Central-European countries (Poland, Slovakia and Hungary), the project will also be attended by partners from Western (Germany) and Eastern Europe (Ukraine). The mutual exchange of experiences and artistic outlooks will definitely influence the development of young artists-composers and inspire the academia; whereas the promotion of the newest music among wider audiences will affect the awareness of its recipients. In today’s reality, the music of young composers has little chance of being preformed, especially by professional musicians. Therefore, the confrontation of the composers with the performers will be of particular importance, based on the experience of the Ukrainian Ensemble Nostri Temporis in the newest music and innovative performing techniques – the ensemble has developed a unique programme of workshops for composers, presented, among others, in Darmstadt – the cradle of new music.
Apart from the benefits mentioned above (for composers, performers and listeners alike) that will result from combining the artistic and the educational scope of the project, this confrontation may bring some added value that will remain an unknown “X” until the moment of the project implementation.

Project organised by:
Academy of Music in Krakow
Chair of Composition
dr hab. Wojciech Widłak – Head of the Chair of Composition
dr Karol Nepelski – Artistic director of the aXes project

Project partners:
Academy of Performing Arts (Bratislava)
Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Kyiv)
Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest)
University of Music and Performing Arts (Stuttgart)

Chair of Ukrainien Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Foundation of St. Volodymyr Baptizer of Kyivan Rus’ in Krakow,Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw, Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manggha in Krakow, Ukraine National Composers Union Kyiv Regional Organization

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