Bohdan Sehin

(1976, Borshiv, Ukraine)


A composer, and project coordinator, Bohdan Sehin graduated from the Lviv Lysenko National Music Academy, and has studied composition with M. Skorik, Zb. Bujarski and Z. Krauze. He has served as a consulting composer on works by A. Pärt, B. Furrer, A. Shchetynsky, J. Beer, and Y. Shaked. He has been a two-time participant (2003, 2006) in the “Gaude Polonia” scholarship program sponsored by the Polish Cultural Ministry; a scholarship recipient of the “Warsaw Autumn Friends Foundation” (2003); and a “Gulliver Connect” (2008), and “Ukrainian Presidential” (2008-2010) grant recipient.
Multiple awards for both composition and theatrical work in Ukraine and Poland.
Sehin is a member of the Ukrainian National Composers Union with broad experience in arts-festival management, including the Lviv “Contrasts” Festival (1998-2006), “Velvet Curtain” (Lviv, 2006), and the “Kiev Music Fest” (2009), and the International “Music of Youth” Forum (2009, 2011). Featuring symphonic, choral, and chamber works, as well as music for theatrical productions, Sehin’s work has been performed for audiences across Europe – in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, France, Switzerland, and Germany.
Beginning in 2009, Bohdan has worked on a number of projects in Kiev in collaboration with the Polish Institute, the Goethe-Institut, and the Austrian Cultural Forum. 2009 was also the year when he began coordinating projects for the Ensemble Nostri Temporis, becoming its Director the following year. Since 2011 he is again serving as Director of the International “Music of Youth” Forum, and as the artistic director for the Kiev International Master-Classes for New Music, titled “COURSE”.

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