COURSE 2014 announcement - deadline is continued

COURSE | 17-22.03.2014

The 3d Kiev international master-classes for new music

information for young composers

deadline is continued!

COURSE is regular (yearly) master-classes for new music. It’s task is to develop ukrainian and european young composers’ activity during its week of intensive study and practicum in the collaboration with noted European composers as well as with the members of Ensemble Nostri Temporis.

The form of COURSE is public actions - presentations, lectures, discussions and concerts - as well as individual lessons with teachers in composition and consultations with musicians of the ENT.

Participation in COURSE is FREE (without entry fee or other payment).

COURSE is founded on the basis of

Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Kiev)

and Goethe-Institut in Kiev

COURSE partner:

Polish Institute in Kiev

COURSE art-director Bohdan Sehin

COURSE coorditator Alexey Shmurak

COURSE media coorditator Lubov Morozova

COURSE spokesman Anna Vovk

Teachers in composition in 2014: Johannes Schöllhorn /DE and Jerzy Kornowicz /PL




Participants should know that organizers can't provide the following expences:

- traveling expenses

- per diem expenses

- accommodation expences (placement) (since 16.03.2014 till 23.03.2014)

These costs should be provided for participants' own account.


Creative programm for participants is the following:


1) piece for instrumental ensemble (deadline for the first version is 16.03.2014); work will be finished with teachers during the COURSE, performed by Ensemble Nostri Temporis at the final concert 22.03.2014

Piece should be able to be perfomed without conductor. Instrumental staff of the piece could contain 2-5 instruments from the list: oboe, clarinet B, french horn F, violin, cello, piano.

Duration could be 4-10 minutes. Ensemble Nostri Temporis will play the first version of the pieces at the reading session 17.03.2014. Then each participant will work on the pieces with teachers and should give the final version to the final concert.

2) own’s creative activity public presentation (speech in English, during the COURSE, with a possibility to use additional audio and/or video materials)


If you are a composer, born not earlier than 17 March 1984 and are interested in this offer, you can take part in the selection.

Please send your materials:

1) scan of the first page of the passport (with name and birth date) (as jpg)

2) representative scores (as pdf)

3) their recordings (as mp3)or links to their recordings

4) actual bio (as doc)

5) actual photo (as jpg)

to untill 31 Jan 2014


Results of selection will be sent to your e-mail not later than 5 Feb 2014

If you have any questions please ask us: or

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